This young woman, Emily Letts, is a counselor at a New Jersey abortion clinic. That’s right. She’s paid to convince women to purchase an abortion. So after becoming pregnant she decided to videotape her own abortion to show other women how “cool” it was and an overall positive experience.

“I don’t feel sad,” she said in the video. “I feel in awe that I can make a baby. I can make a life.”

She even describes the abortion as “birth-like,” and said it made her feel good. She kept the sonogram and said she would keep the sonogram and if she ever had a fire it’d be the first thing she grabbed. Huh?

My first reaction to this was horror because there’s nothing quite so horrific and horror of the commonplace variety. And then I just felt terrible for this young woman.

Update: I think the thing I find so shocking about this is that I’ve always thought about how to convince people that it’s a baby inside the womb and not a blob of tissue. I think the work is convincing them it’s a human being. But this video makes me think that perhaps many of them know it and they just don’t care.

HT Daily Caller