I sometimes wonder if God chose to reveal a great event through signs in the heavens, would anybody notice?

Up until a little over a century ago, the heavens were heavenly. Nights were dark, but in the darkness we saw the Heavens more clearly. It served to put us in our place and inspire us with a sense of awe for all God’s great creation.

But when the nights became illuminated with our own light, we failed to look up anymore. We are no longer inspired because we can no longer see. We are a society of navel gazers who in their hubris imagine they understand a universe better than their ancestors even though many of of us have never seen it. Who needs the heavens? We have our own light.

Until you have been in a place in which the majesty of the carpet of stars and galaxies lays out before you, it is impossible to know what you are missing. I grew up and live in the bright shadow of the great city that pridefully obscures the heavens for miles in all directions. I never knew, how could I?

As a kid, I loved the planetarium….

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