Whoa. This case is very troubling and a direct attack on the sanctity of confession.

Ed Morrissey of HotAir takes us through the complicated case but I provide this exceprt

In this case, the trap is even more complex. The court wants the priest to corroborate the girl’s testimony about the confession. Assuming the priest recalls the confession at all — it was five or more years ago, and priests hear a lot of confessions, and most of them anonymously — he’d have to violate canon law just by talking about it. Plus, if he testifies that the witness is not telling the truth about the confession, he’d be violating the seal of the confessional even more profoundly. Either way, the court would in essence force the priest into betraying his faith and violating his oath or face prison time for contempt of court.

Please read the whole thing. This is a very dangerous case.

*subhead*Direct assault on the confessional.*subhead*