An anti-Catholic group have been gathering at several parishes yelling anti-Catholic slogans recently, according to the Washington Post, at Catholics entering and exiting Mass as well as storming the inside of the Church moments before Mass. They reportedly had to be escorted out by ushers and off-duty law enforcement authorities.

The Archdiocese of Washington sent out a notice warning of the group which is reportedly handing out Christian literature which has been described as “fundamentalist” but because I don’t exactly know what that word means.

Fr. Mike Jones, pastor at St. Pius, reportedly wrote in the parish bulletin that “We don’t have to go to the other side of the world to experience religious extremists.”

“We were assaulted by shouting and hatred being spewed by protesters standing at both our driveways. Armed with megaphones and brandishing signs, these ‘christians’ ranted for more than 30 minutes about everything they view as ‘evils’ of our Catholic faith,” he said. “They attacked our dogmas, teachings, practices and leaders, including Pope Francis! Who are they? We don’t yet know.”

The Catholic Church is a funny thing, isn’t it, with enemies gathering and howling insults from every imaginable perspective. If I didn’t already believe so strongly in the Church and knew little of it, I’d be tempted to investigate this institution that inspires the unhinged aggression of secularists and fundamentalists.