Non-Muslims. I guess that’s the way to describe the victims of the recent atrocities. Al-Shabab terrorists in Kenya raided a quarry in Kenya, woke up all the workers, and demanded that each worker recite a Muslim prayer. Those who refused to do so or were unable to were executed. In all, 36 people were executed.

And last week, the Al-Qaeda linked terror group pulled over a random bus and killed 28 “non-Muslims.”

Kenya, is primarily Christian with over 80 percent of the country identifying as Christian. The way the news reports these atrocities against “non-Muslims” is technically true but doesn’t really tell the whole story, does it?

Interestingly, the Daily Beast, has this headline “Al-Shabab’s Anti-Christian Slaughter” on top of a news piece that doesn’t ever mention Christians. Ever. They’re just “non-Muslims.” No mention of Christianity in the article at all. That seems like a pretty big disconnect to me for the headline to read “Anti-Christian slaughter” and the piece never mention Christians. Anywhere. Not even in the bottom paragraphs.

The BBC reports: “Al-Shabab massacres non-Muslims at Kenya quarry.” The story itself much further down states “Many of the quarry workers killed are reported to have come from the south of the country where Christians predominate.”

Now Al-Shabab itself is quite clear about their intention of killing Christians. “The Mujahedeen intercepted a bus, which had on board a group of Christians that enjoyed the killing and the maiming of Muslims,” al-Shabaab spokesman Sheikh Ali Mohamed Rageh reportedly said in a statement.

Hmm, he didn’t say “non-Muslims.” Guess he didn’t get the most recent AP Stylebook, huh?