If a pro-lifer had strangled a pregnant woman and gave her a pre-natal vitamin this would be national news, evidence of a seething and violent subculture of violence. But as it’s just a man who strangled a pregnant woman and forced her to swallow an abortion pill it’s what some might call a “local crime story.”

Fox in New York reports this story but here’s the issue I have with the story and it’s a pretty big one. They don’t say if the baby is alright. Can you believe that? I mean, a pregnant woman was forced to swallow an abortion pill and they forget to mention if the baby is ok? Weird, right?:

Police say a Hudson Valley anesthesiologist choked a woman and forced her to swallow an abortion pill after she told him she was pregnant.

The Ulster County Sheriff’s Office says deputies responded Wednesday night to a “no voice” 911 call from a home in the town of Rosendale, 60 miles south of Albany.

Police say they learned that 44-year-old Thomas Pfeiffer of Red Hook had choked the woman and forced her to swallow a “morning after” pill after she told him a home pregnancy test had come out positive.

Pfeiffer was charged with strangulation, abortion and assault. He’s being held Friday morning in the county jail on $50,000 cash bail. It couldn’t immediately be determined if he has a lawyer.

The woman was treated at a hospital and released.

One might be able to surmise something out of the fact that he’s being charged with abortion as the baby didn’t make it but I’m not sure.

Hold on, I’m going to check if other news sources might have better reports.

OK, I’m back. Nobody’s making it clear the fate of the baby, especially because the “abortion” charge can relate to an act attempting to commit an abortion.

But the legal issue gets very interesting. Detective Lieutenant Ed Brewster said the man is being charged with “abortion” for giving the woman Plan B.

Anyone else understanding why this case might just set off alarm bells for pro-aborts? Because they insist that Plan B does not cause abortions, it just prevents pregnancy.

The Watershed Post jumped on it early and was manning the battlements.

The Plan B pill, also known as the “morning-after pill,” is not an abortion pill. Plan B is available over the counter in drug stores and prevents pregnancy from occurring by preventing an egg from implanting in the uterus. According to the Plan B website, the pill “will not harm an existing pregnancy.”

The pill commonly known as the “abortion pill” is Mifepristone, which was called RU-486 when it was being developed. It can terminate an early pregnancy, and is only available from a doctor. You cannot buy it in a pharmacy.

Pfeiffer is being charged with felony abortion and felony strangulation in the second degree, and with misdemeanor assault and criminal mischief. More charges are pending, police say.

Abortion in the second degree is a class E felony in New York, and a person is guilty of abortion in the second degree when he “commits an abortional act upon a female,” according to the text of the law. Exemptions exist for doctors performing abortions on women to save their lives or within 24 weeks of conception.

Can Pfeiffer be charged with abortion if he forced his girlfriend to swallow Plan B, which doesn’t cause abortions?

“The DA’s office down the road will have to handle that,” Brewster said. The investigation is ongoing, he said.

Plan B can prevent implantation of the embryo. So this one will be very interesting to watch as women’s rights advocates belittle what happened to this woman to prevent the truth being known about Plan B.

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