The thing that I think disturbs me most of all about the recent scandal concerning the now debunked rape story that Rolling Stone magazine retracted about a number of fraternity members at the University of Virginia is that so many were willing to believe it so quickly. The university itself suspended all fraternity activities shortly after the story was published. They had no details. No facts. But they believed it.

Look at Ferguson. Or any shooting by a police officer of a minority. So many seem so willing to believe racism is the heart of the matter.

We are so willing to believe the worst in ourselves. But on the other hand, it seems that those that kill Christians around the world have motives which are inscrutable to us. And if you suppose for one moment that it has anything to do with the religion of peace that means you are hateful.

We’re willing to suspend disbelief in others but we’re more than willing to assume the worst of ourselves. Our society can not survive long like that. I’m not even sure it wants to.