Remember the scene where Crocodile Dundee checks the nether bits of a trans-woman. Well, now Bryn Mawr College, a very liberal arts all-women’s college right outside Philadelphia, has announced that it intends to go full Crocodile Dundee on some applicants.

The college announced that it will accept “transwomen” and others who “identify as women.”

Free Beacon reports:

The Board of Trustees sent an email announcing that it had voted unanimously to update its admission rules, which were previously open to “female students only.”

“During its meetings this past weekend, the College’s Board of Trustees discussed and approved a recommendation from a Board working group that was created at the September 2014 Board meeting to examine the mission of the College with respect to transgender, non-binary, and gender nonconforming applicants,” an email from the Board of Trustees said.

“The working group concluded unanimously that the mission of the College at the undergraduate level is to educate women to be future leaders,” they said.

The announcement noted that Bryn Mawr’s identity as a women’s college is “fundamental to its distinctive environment.”

“The Board approved the working group’s recommendation that in addition to those applicants who were assigned female at birth, the applicant pool will be inclusive of transwomen and of intersex individuals who live and identify as women at the time of application,” the email said. “Intersex individuals who do not identify as male are also eligible for admission.”

However, the college will not be inclusive to transmen.

“Those assigned female at birth who have taken medical or legal steps to identify as male are not eligible for admission,” the Board of Trustees said.

Bryn Mawr will take additional legal or medical steps to verify that an applicant is a woman, or a transwoman if their “gender identity is not clearly reflected in their application materials.”

“In evaluating such additional information, the College fully intends to be as flexible and inclusive as possible,” they said.

So the college may take medical steps to “verify” if their gender is what they say.


And they warn that they’ll be flexible. Wait, what are we talking about here?

This could be the most awkward college interview ever. I’m pretty sure Bryn Mawr was a pretty weird place before, I think it just got weirder.

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