Every once in a while, they say what they actually believe. And it’s nice, isn’t it. Just to have the truth out there. Of course, Chris Cuomo of CNN doesn’t believe that we endowed by our Creator with unalienable rights. He believes that rights are the things of social contracts. But it’s precisely that they’re not social contracts that makes them “rights.” Contracts can be re-negotiated.


But the thing about this is, Cuomo thinks he’s saying “duh” the whole time. I mean, just listen to the guy. He’s so condescending. He’s lecturing Joe Moore about where rights come from. But in the end, Moore drops the hammer on him. But it won’t make a difference to Cuomo. He doesn’t need 200 year old documents to tell him where rights come from. He’s one of the elite. He’ll tell you just what rights your little social contract allows you.