This kind of thing drives me a bit crazy. Here I am reading a perfectly nice story about an archbishop praying outside of an abortion clinic and blammo! I’m smacked in the face with media bias.

Canberra Times:

Canberra Goulburn’s Catholic Archbishop has led prayers during a vigil outside a city abortion clinic as part of a global pro-life movement in the lead up to Easter.

The same movement has led women’s groups to re-examine whether exclusion zones could be a viable option to stop protesters targeting women who accessed ACT clinics to end a pregnancy.

Archbishop Christopher Prowse was among a clutch of anti-abortion demonstrators, many linked to religious groups, who gathered outside the ACT Health Building on Moore Street on Tuesday.

“Women’s groups”? What does that mean? Are there no pro-life women? None?

We know that to be untrue. In fact, the number of women who believe that abortion should be legal all nine months of pregnancy are pretty darn low. So why do these groups get to be called “women’s groups”? Is it because in a story about the Catholic Church it’s easy to just pit the Church against women.