This would be the lede of every national news program if a pro-lifer had tossed a Molotov cocktail at an abortionist. But it’s the exact opposite so it’s not a story at all. reports:

An abortion activist drove by a group of pro-life people peacefully praying at a local Austin, Texas abortion clinic and threw a firebomb at them. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident.

“Yesterday evening toward the end of the daily prayer vigil, a passerby threw a flaming object at the prayer volunteers. Fortunately no one was injured and the flames were put out quickly,” the group said. “This is not the first time people have thrown objects at pro-lifers but clearly this instance was a more direct threat, and we always want to exercise caution.”

“The prayer volunteers handled the situation very well – one took a photo of the license plate of the vehicle, another called the police and her Day Captain to report the incident. The police soon caught and arrested the female driver. Eventually KXAN News came out and interviewed one of our brave volunteers, Ruth,” the group added.

Local news sources indicate a Melanie Toney has been arrested for the alleged assault.

Oh, just imagine the dour faced anchors introducing this story if it were the other way around with their practiced look of concern about a burgeoning national crisis. Oh and just think about all the Planned Parenthood reps that would be given air time to discuss the ever increasing tide of pro-life violence.

Remember the Gosnell story was labeled a “local crime” story and therefore ignored for months. So this story never had a chance.

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