Democrats have lost all ability to surprise. I’m serious. When was the last time a prominent Democrat of note surprised anyone. I mean really surprised anyone with a stance they took.

I was looking at the possible lineup of presidential candidates on the Democrat side of the aisle and the thing that struck me is that it doesn’t matter who wins. Hillary? Elizabeth Warren? Martin O’Malley? It just doesn’t matter. All are radically pro-abortion and rabidly anti-religious freedom. In the end, all three will get away with what they can get away with. Then it’s just a matter of who isn’t as good at the political game? So it just comes down to rooting for the lesser of evils, not a lesser evil from intent but just from incompetence, mind you.

Now, with the Republicans it does matter. Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz? It matters. Which of these guys truly has our back? Which one will best stand up against Planned Parenthood and brave the scorn of the media in order to do the right thing? Do they see the issue of life as negotiable? And how much are they willing to sell their principles for? Actually, that doesn’t make sense. Once you put up a principle for sale (no matter the cost) you can’t really call it a principle anymore. You can only call it cheap or expensive, but not a principle. And that’s the thing. I know what the Democrats are going to try to do. Ironically I trust them. It’s the Republicans who surprise and disappoint all the time because you don’t know what they want or at least how much they’re willing to sell it for.

Some like Justice John Roberts come cheap. They’re willing to sell their integrity for something they call a “legacy” which isn’t actually a legacy at all but just good media clippings. Some like John Boehner are willing to part with integrity for the sake of power.

They all attempt to sound like true believers this time in the election cycle but most of them probably aren’t. Heck, maybe none of them are.

The last interesting Democrat to me was Bart Stupak only because I’m still not even sure why he sold out the unborn. I think it may be a long while before I’m surprised by any prominent Democrat again.

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