Professor Boing Boing (aka Ron Paul) has criticized those Senators who signed Tom Cotton’s letter to Iran warning about the limits of the President’s power to close a deal.

Prof Boing Boing called the letter’s signatories warmongers who are simply afraid that peace might break out.

“‘We have this constitutional responsibility to review this agreement,'” Paul added in a mocking tone. “What a joke that is. That’s not reasonable. They’re out to stop peace. They’re terrified that peace might break out.”


Hey Boing Boing, one of those people who signed the letter was your recently declared for President son, Rand.

Yeah, an unverifiable deal to allow Iran the capability to build bombs is that path to peace.  Every time Boing Boing opens his mouth it makes me more skeptical of the son, even when he is criticising his son.

If the campaign cannot keep Boing Boing’s trap shut to the point of not criticizing his son as a warmonger the week he announces for President, think of the damage he could do during the general if Rand is the nominee. Boing Boing is a good reason not to nominate Rand.