20th century: Teacher said that whenever a bell rings an angel gets its wings.
21st century: Every time Ted Cruz mentions Jesus an atheist is born.

Atheists are saying, according to New Yorker Magazine, that Ted Cruz’ references to Jesus Christ in his announcement for president, are creating atheists. (Wait, I thought atheists were born by chance, not created.)

CNS News:

“Since Sen. Cruz (R-Texas) announced his candidacy two weeks ago with the words ‘God isn’t done with America yet,’ a substantial number of Americans ‘have begun seriously questioning the existence of God,’ said Carol Foyler, the executive director of the American Society of Atheists,” the April 6 article said.

“It’s been amazing,” Foyler told The New Yorker’s Andy Borowitz. “We’re getting calls from people who are curious about atheism for the first time in their lives.

“And when we ask them what got them thinking about it, they all say the same thing: ‘I just heard Ted Cruz talk’” Foyler said.

Foyler told the New Yorker that an interest in atheism grows after a natural disaster or other trauma, but, “We’ve never seen anything like Ted Cruz.”

Foyler said she did not believe in Christ’s ability to transform people’s lives.

“But I definitely believe in the power of Ted Cruz to transform people into atheists,” she said.

Borowitz also interviewed famed atheist Richard Dawkins, who said Cruz’s ability to convert people to atheism is “nothing short of extraordinary.”

“Ted Cruz has created more atheists in two weeks than I have in decades,” Dawkins said.

I always giggle to myself about how often Dawkins is quoted in news stories. I picture the poor man dropping whatever he’s doing anytime his cell phone rings because it might be the media. “Excuse me honey, this is an important call from AP, I’ll be back in a jiff.”

But this strategy is right out of the playbook. It’s the same thing Planned Parenthood says whenever pro-life legislation is even considered. First they say it’s the worst thing to happen in the world ever since Sarah Palin was born and then they say this new legislation is the greatest thing in the world because their phones are ringing off the hook with donations because of it!

Well, which is it?

Do you really think Planned Parenthood would operate against its own financial interests. It’s their sole consideration!

What this all is, is a silencing tactic. You see, the secularists want you to think that every time Jesus is mentioned in public more atheists are created so therefore shutup with all your Jesus talk.

Let’s face it, if this were true, the atheists should be lining up to get Ted Cruz to speak more because that would mean more atheists, right? But they’re not. They hate Ted Cruz. And one of the main reasons they hate him is because he speaks about his faith in Christ.

Atheists are also always saying they’re the “brights” and they want to have scholarly and scientific discussions but they want to silence any discussion of Christianity in public. They don’t seem to want debate. They want silence.