I watched the new movie “Little Boy” with my nine year old son and seven year old daughter. We all loved it. It is a beautiful story about faith and love. It’s the kind of movie you just don’t see anymore.

The story centers around the faith of a young boy who, at the request of a local priest played by the great actor Tom Wilksinson, decided that bringing his father back alive from World War II depends on him performing the corporal works of mercy. The movie is told through the child’s eyes.

The child named Pepper is played by a super cute actor named Jakob Salvati. The kid really delivers a moving performance.

I read some reviews from professional reviewers who seem to find the movie “cloying” or “syrupy” or “obvious.” I’m not a professional film watcher. I just like movies. And I really liked it. My kids did as well. And there’s many lessons for the kids here as well such as being brave and having faith even in the face of insurmountable odds. What’s wrong with a movie that I can watch with my family without worrying what they’ll be exposed to?

If you want more movies to be made like this we have to go see it. I advise all to take your spouse, your kids, and their friends to this movie.

The director, Alejandro Monteverde, is best known for the movie “Bella.” This is a very different movie. That too was a difficult tale told in the context of grace. But this is told through a child’s eyes and therefore a lighter tone is often taken. But when the sad parts come (and they do come) they are very effective. It’s really wonderful.

There is a happy ending (which is not a crime) but it’s not the happy ending we expect. It’s a little more complex than that. I loved it.

Check out this trailer:

*subhead*Go see it.*subhead*