A teacher at a Catholic school whose contract was not renewed after it was learned he was engaged to a man did something amazing…he got another job. Wait, I thought the Catholic Church had ruined his life!

A gay teacher whose Omaha Skutt Catholic High School contract is not being renewed has found a new job.

Matthew Eledge, an English teacher and speech coach at Skutt, will join the Millard North High School faculty next school year.

Officials at Skutt Catholic High School decided to not renew Eledge’s contract after learning he was engaged to his same-sex partner. The school’s decision prompted an online petition by school alumni to end what they saw as discriminatory employment practice.

I don’t know but it probably pays more too.

That’s the thing that’s always missing from these conversations. Some always act as if there’s not another job in the entire universe. A guy loses his job at a Catholic school and it’s said that the eeeeevil Catholic Church is preventing him from performing the profession he loves. No. Just can’t do it here.

Look. It’s always tough for someone to lose their job. But it’s certainly more important in a country built on religious freedom to actually have some semblance of religious freedom. But instead of sticking to principles we hoist up victims. And the “rights” of victims always seem to trump actual rights of religious organizations.

I remember Jon Stewart of the Daily Show pretended to be against gay marriage as a gag for a moment because he was pretending to think that legalized gay marriage meant he had to marry a man. But then he said something like, “Oh wait, so I don’t have to marry a man. Soooo, what do I care?” Everyone applauded. Yadda. Yadda.

But here’s the thing. They want to be able to tell Catholic schools who they can hire and fire.

Look, I’m glad the guy’s got a job. Everyone’s got to eat. But we don’t want the government saying you have to hire this teacher or that teacher even though they’re publicly against the very purpose you opened the school in the first place.

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