The openly gay writer and very far left Frank Bruni of the New York Times mocked the pope for defending women’s right to equal pay by comparing him to “a Pringles vendor sounding an alarm about obesity.”

This, of course, occurred in the same week that Pamela Geller was excoriated for religious insensitivity by holding a drawing Muhammad contest. But for some reason Bruni isn’t considered insensitive for his attack on religion. Kinda’ weird, huh? Almost like it’s separate rules for Catholics and Christians, right?

Bruni wrote:

But the church’s refusal to follow some other Christian denominations and ordain women undermines any progress toward equality that it trumpets or tries. Sexism is embedded in its structure, its flow chart.

Men but not women get to preside at Mass. Men but never women wear the cassock of a cardinal, the vestments of a pope. Male clergy are typically called “father,” which connotes authority. Women in religious orders are usually called “sister,” which doesn’t.

And things could be different. Traditions change. History and mythology yield to fresh interpretation.

Yes, the Bible says that all 12 of Jesus Christ’s apostles were men. But I’ll see you that dozen and raise you one Mary Magdalene, to whom Jesus supposedly appeared first after the resurrection. Isn’t her role as foundational to the church’s birth?

Isn’t it more important that there be enough priests to bring the Eucharist to Catholics than that all those priests be men?

Can the church afford to alienate a generation of young women mystified by its intransigence?

I love how he pretends he’s just looking out for the good of the Church here. Give me a break.

Here’s the real crux of the issue. Bruni’s mad that the Church isn’t all in for abortion and contraception.

For women to get a fair shake in the work force, they need at least some measure of reproductive freedom. But Catholic bishops in the United States lobbied strenuously against the Obamacare requirement that employers such as religiously affiliated schools and hospitals include contraception in workers’ health insurance.

You see, the Church isn’t on the Obama bandwagon. And for that, the Churhc must be punished.

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