So let’s just get this straight. The woman, who was suffering from dementia, never gave an advanced directive to be killed. The medical staff who was looking after her didn’t want to be euthanized. But her family said she had to go. And so she went. reports:

A judge in the Netherlands has allowed an 80-year-old woman to be euthanised, despite objections from the medical staff looking after her.

According to media reports, the woman was living in a dementia care home and doctors thought she was incapable of expressing her will to die.

But the woman’s family claimed she had a ‘death wish’ and obtained a court order when the care home refused to let her be euthanised.


Medical staff treating her fought against the decision, but a judge rejected the appeal and the court order remained.

Last month she was removed from the care home and killed by the ‘Life End Clinic’ which was started by activists to make euthanasia more accessible for people in the Netherlands.

Euthanasia was legalised in the country in 2002 and under the law doctors must fulfil certain criteria such as ensuring that a patient’s request is voluntary and being satisfied that they are suffering unbearably.

If a patient has dementia, doctors can only euthanise them if an ‘advance directive’ or ‘living will’ is in place.

Yeah, except not in this case. Or any other case. There are no limits to the death machine that’s been put in place.

Once you do not believe that every life is sacred, there is some measure put to it. And if you fail to live up to the standard you…don’t.