The House passed legislation banning abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. The legislation stands little chance of becoming law, as President Barack Obama is unlikely to sign it but still, I believe the bill is important. I believe that the bill has essentially changed the conversation on abortion and I don’t mean just politically, although politically it has certainly done that.

The pro-lifers running for office now have something to make the pro-abort politicians look like extremists about. For years, pro-lifers have been harassed by the media about abortion in cases of rape or incest or their stance on the morning after pill. It was a way to marginalize them. It’s just good strategy for pro-lifers to force a conversation on the extreme nature of the positions of pro-abortion politicians who are forced to defend abortion even up to the moment of birth. Not that the media will hammer this point home as their overlords in the Democrat party will tell them, “this is not the abortion debate you’re looking for.” And they’ll gleefully scamper away to return back to questions of rape or incest.

But to be honest, I don’t care much about the politics. In as much as I do care it’s because this political bill focuses the national conversation back onto the humanity of the unborn. And if we’re going to have any success in restoring some sense of the sacredness of life into our legal system we first have to admit the humanity of the unborn.

But we’re very far from that right now. Very very far.

Just yesterday I noticed an online fundraising campaign for an abortion. It was removed after the couple had raised over $2,000 to fund their abortion.

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