Elizabeth Scalia asked a lot of us in the Catholic blogosphere why we remain Catholic.

For me, I’m the Richard Gere of Catholics. Not the gerbil thing, of course. But the Officer and a Gentleman thing.

“I’ve got nowhere else to go.”

I don’t believe because of how it makes me feel because sometimes it makes me feel lousy. I don’t believe because my parents believed. I love them but Catholicism is not genetics. And I don’t believe because it makes me less scared of death. I’ve always loved that idea-that Christianity makes death less scary. Atheists view death as the end. Heck, there doesn’t seem to be much scary about that. Now compare that to the prospect of Hell. Now that’s scary. I’ve never understood how Christians are accused of becoming Christians to make themselves feel better.

I’m Catholic because I believe the Catholic Church to be the one true Church founded by Jesus Christ. I have no choice but to stay with her. Well, of course, I have a choice but I believe the world was created as an act of love. I know it’s a radical idea but I believe it to be truth. And I attempt to imitate that act of love with my life.