Don’t get freaked out today no matter what the market does. Days like this are baked in. You should have been panicking years ago.

It isn’t about what the market does today or any other day. This is about decades of economic stupidity washing out over the next years. Markets crash sometimes. The real question is if the breeze it generates is enough to set the house of cards tumbling. The jury is still out whether this will be it, but some event is gonna start the crumble.

Whether this minor reset grows into the real deal, I can’t say. But some event soon is gonna blow the house of cards over and things will be much worse that just your 401k being down. In fact, if you think your 401k is suffering today? Wait until the gummint confiscates it for your own good when the debt crisis hits full bore.  Oh yes they will.

This is gonna get much worse than just a crash. The world is teetering in so many ways and there is no way a global economic meltdown do not light the match on many of these conflicts.

Today’s happenings, no matter where the market goes, are just the beginnings of the sorrows.