Things are getting a bit crazy around here folks. An Oregon judge named Vance Day doesn’t want to perform same-sex marriages so he recently announced that he will not perform any marriages.

OK, right?

Now, CBS is reporting that the judge once hung a picture of Adolf Hitler outside his office. That, of course, is in the lede of the story. Much further down in the story is the actual explanation as to why. Hitler’s picture was part of a collage celebrating the defeat of fascism. But CBS News based their report on a press release from the Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability which is attacking Judge Day.

CBS News:

Day is the head of the Veterans Treatment Court, which aims to provide intensive monitoring of veterans to treat drug and alcohol problems as an alternative to jail. Several of the allegations against him stem from his interactions with veterans and displays he placed around his courtroom.

A picture of Adolf Hitler inside the Marion County Courthouse./ Courtesy Judge Day’s spokesperson via CBS affiliate KOIN

Day said a local doctor serving in World War II cut the portrait of Hitler from a German government building and sent it home. When the doctor died, his son donated memorabilia to the veterans court. The Hitler portrait became part of a collage, surrounded and partially obscured by photographs, medals and the doctor’s diary entries, he said.

It hung outside Day’s courtroom for several weeks last year until the presiding judge said it might be offensive.

“The purpose was to show that these young Americans triumphed over fascism,” Day said.

This is a scurrilous scare tactic designed to frighten anyone who dares speak out for marriage being between a man and a woman. So…pretty much just another day at the office for our secular leftist friends.