It just gets so tiresome. Every time you read a story about a gay dude who got fired from their job as a Catholic school teacher, parish musical director, or church secretary, they say they had NO IDEA that their gay marriage could cost them their job.

What? Do gay Catholics not read newspapers? Watch television?

Newsflash for those who’ve had no contact to media over the past decade: The Catholic Church teaches that marriage is between a man and a woman. So we can now kill the part of the story where the person acts shocked.

Check out this story from today by WJLA:

Jeffrey Higgins says he never thought his same-sex marriage would be a problem at his job. But on November 8, his marriage came up during a conversation that led to his termination from Mother Seton Catholic Church in Germantown, where he worked part-time as a cantor and choir member for 1.5 years.

On November 8, Higgins, 29, says Pastor Lee Fangmeyer invited him to his office, asked him about his marriage, and then asked him if he’d resign. “I was shocked,” Higgins says. “He told me it had been discovered, that’s the word he used, that I was gay and married and would I resign. I told him I wouldn’t resign, that I liked my job, that I was good at my job, and I didn’t see the need to resign. He told me I’d been an asset to the music program at Mother Seton and that I’d be missed, but that I was terminated as of that moment.”

Higgins told ABC7 News that a fellow parishioner allegedly saw him and his husband together in public and then found their wedding photos online and alerted the church. He says he didn’t broadcast his marriage while working at Mother Seton, but pointed out that he wears his wedding ring and filled out his tax paperwork saying he’s legally married. “Out of respect for people who disagree with me, I didn’t broadcast it loudly.”

So he didn’t “broadcast it loudly” but he had no idea that the Church was against same-sex marriage? C’mon.

Look, file your lawsuit. We all know you’re going to. But at least spare us the faux shock because you just make yourself look stupid.