I must admit that I got a kick out of reading George Weigel today over at First Things. For me, it was like a blogging flashback, a flashback to a much simpler time.

George Weigel has a perfectly fine post with which I disagree little. Using the documents of Vatican II, he argues that priests should not be doing ad libs during the mass and that, get this, when they do, it is distracting.

It reminded me of a simpler time for me, circa 2007. Back when I thought that abuses of the Novus Ordo were a big deal and that perhaps priests that abuse it might still listen to reason. I know, right?

I used to write posts like that all the time and people seemed to like them. But now, here in 2016, in the post double-barreled synod of doom and when absolutely nutty un-Catholic things that come out of Bishop’s mouths almost every single day even including the Bishop of Rome, in a time where the very bulwark of the Truth is undermined daily, it is hard to remember why I cared so much about the Novus Ordo.

It isn’t so much that Weigel is wrong. He isn’t. But it just seems to me that he is arguing about how many inches hemlines should be below the knee when everyone has already moved to a nudist colony.

*subhead*Late to the party.*subhead*