Oh my. So not only did Donald Trump win Indiana but Ted Cruz got out leaving Donald alone (except that for that weird little man in sweater vests who pops up on my tv now and again.)

I don’t know why but I didn’t foresee Ted Cruz dropping out last night. He probably dropped out because his wife isn’t hot enough and that his Dad killed Kennedy. Or America’s filled with morons. One of those. America has beclowned itself this election cycle. This is what 50 years of liberal education and media get you.

Wanted: Presidential candidate who is neither batshit crazy or facing indictment for weakening national security. Well, too late for that, huh?

I know I know it’s the will of the people and all but the people can be wrong. Heck, the people are wrong about all sorts of things.

So now we’ve got Mr. Me-me-me on one side and Mrs. “I have two x-chromosones and absolutely no other qualifications” on the other.

Sheesh. God bless America. We could really use it now.