Bruce Jenner is reportedly going to pose naked for the cover of Sports Illustrated wearing only an American flag and his gold medal. Yikes.

I’m assuming that Sports Illustrated has given up on actually selling copies at this point, huh?

And this isn’t the kind of thing where if you don’t buy the magazine you’re not going to see Bruce Jenner naked. It’s going to be everywhere. You’re going to be sitting in the doctor’s office and they’re going to be talking about it and showing it constantly. It’ll be hailed as some kind of wonderful event for society.


Exit question. Doesn’t he still have his…uhm…man parts? So I’ll assume that the left finally found a use for the American flag – to cover up Jenner’s privates.

The thing is, I feel sorry for Jenner. I really do. Guy’s disturbed. Needs help. And all this publicity isn’t doing him any favors. First you have him dressing like a woman and now he’s posing nude. What’s next, b-level porn with Screech from Saved by the Bell?