We have to start the pushback. Now.

This kind of madness calls for prayer and lawsuits. Lots of prayer. But some lawsuits.

50 families with children in a high school which is being forced to allow a transgender student to use girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms, are suing to say that the Department of Education has no right to do this.

The Daily Signal:

The families are challenging a policy at Township High School District 211 that was mandated by the U.S. Department of Education to accommodate the transgender student, who was born male but identifies as a female.

“It’s an organic group of parents and students who came together and said, ‘We have to do something about this—we can’t just roll over and allow the federal government to force our school to commingle the sexes in locker rooms,’” said Jeremy Tedesco, a lawyer representing the families.

The suit, which challenges the Education Department’s authority to redefine the term sex in Title IX of U.S. law to include gender identity and to enforce it against schools, is the first of its kind, Tedesco told The Daily Signal.

The president of the group filing the lawsuit, Students and Parents for Privacy, said she and other Cook County parents with children in the school district decided legal action “was the only thing we could do at this point.”

“We tried,” she said, adding: “We did everything we could to work with the school district, and we were really hoping they would do the right thing and protect the privacy of all students, but when they chose not to, we felt we had no choice in order to protect the girls in the locker room.

These people simply want to protect their children. But some believe that the safety of your children is secondary to their “cause.” And they think your parochial little concerns about your children must be dismissed for the elevation of society.