Fr. Michael Pfleger hasn’t gotten media attention in a while. Poor thing. So it was time for him to say something outrageous again. Now, in light of anger and violence against police, he outrageously but predictably blamed police:

Dr. King warned America that the cup of endurance would run over…..You can’t keep masses of folks in poverty, unemployment, incarceration and in communities looking like Third World Countries. The shooting, murder and disrespect of law enforcement is really not a surprise, they are the enforcer of America’s injustice….but Dr. King also warned us that our fight must not be in the lowest form, using violence….WE must use our MORAL FORCE and dismantle an UNJUST AMERICA ……I understand the anger…but, VIOLENCE: whether by Police or CIVILIANS is NEVER AN ACCEPTABLE SOLUTION

Could we please retire this media hungry priest. Please.

Look, he puts the caveat in at the end about not endorsing violence but when you call the violence against police as “really not a surprise” because they are “the enforcer of America’s injustice” you’re just fanning flames and instigating violence.

HT Renew America via Canon212