A nun from New York who has long taught at St. Anthony’s on Long Island has gone missing while vacationing in Austrian Alps.

Fox News:

Sister Eileen Christie, 72, of Long Island, was staying in the popular tourist village of Hallstatt when she apparently vanished without a trace nine days ago, a news website in Austria reported Friday.

Images found on her phone suggest she was enjoying herself, taking photos and videos of the scenic Alpine countryside before she disappeared, the website reported

Christie sent emails letting her nephew on Long Island know where she was but then the emails suddenly stopped July 6.

“It’s been eight days since anyone has seen her,” the nephew, Bill Freda, told FiOS 1 News Thursday. “We’re just hoping that there’s some light at the end of the tunnel here. It’s just hope.”

Her passport, wallet and other possessions were found in her room at the Haus Jodler guesthouse, CBS New York reported. She hadn’t checked out nor had she checked in at her next stop in Innsbruck.

Prayers were said this week on Long Island at St. Anthony’s High School and at the Sisters of Saint Joseph Convent. Christie taught theology at St. Anthony’s for decades.

Keep her in your prayers.