A pro-abortion non-Catholic is suing a Catholic organization for firing just because he’s pro-abortion and not Catholic and oh, he may have pressured a fellow worker to abort his child. But other than that he was a model employee.

Albuquerque Journal:

Former City Councilor Miguel Gómez contends that problems began for him in 2013 after the nonprofit’s president and CEO, Allen Sanchez, quizzed Gómez’s mother about her son’s religious beliefs.

Gómez’s mother is Evangelical Christian and did not have her son baptized as a Roman Catholic, which Sanchez found offensive, the lawsuit contends.

Gómez filed the lawsuit Thursday against CHI St. Joseph’s Children, a nonprofit advocacy group for New Mexico children, and Sanchez, who is also is the executive director of the New Mexico Council of Catholic Bishops…

Gómez said he had a long-term relationship with a former employee of St. Joseph’s, who became pregnant, the suit said. The couple discussed a variety of options, including marriage and abortion, sometimes communicating by text messages, the suit said. The woman abruptly quit her job and gave birth to a son in June 2014, it said.

At least one lengthy text message written by Gómez found its way to Sanchez, the suit said.

In February, “Sanchez fired (Gómez) in whole or part because he discussed and gently advocated for an abortion with his girlfriend” and because Gómez considered abortion “morally permissible in certain circumstances,” the suit said.

The suit describes Sanchez as a “religious zealot, particularly on the issue of abortion.”

Gómez contends that he was wrongfully fired because St. Joseph’s is not affiliated with the Archdiocese of Santa Fe and is subject to state and federal labor laws that prohibit discrimination on the basis of religion.

I love how they say he “gently advocated” for abortion. Oh, that makes it so much better.

Mind you, this organization works for the betterment of children so one might imagine that an employee “gently advocating” killing children might be a no-no.