So why is it that Donald Trump wanting to build a wall is proof that he hates mexicans but Nancy Pelosi supporting funding for Planned Parenthood shows that she loves babies? ‪#‎confused

Pro-abortion Catholic Nancy Pelosi has said Congress must approve funding for the nation’s largest abortion provider or risk hurting babies suffering from the Zika virus.

The House Minority Leader, whose district includes San Francisco, said her support for the federal funding came entirely from her love for babies.

“The Zika in the southern part of our country is in our country,” she said at a press conference on Capiitol Hill on Thursday, “because it hasn’t hit home in a district doesn’t mean that it isn’t hitting home for the American people.”

House Republicans approved a $1.1 billion anti-Zika aid package, which Senate Democrats proceeded to block, because it exempted Planned Parenthood from receiving taxpayer funds. President Obama threatened to veto the bill, and Hillary Clinton has called on Congress to assemble a special session to fund Planned Parenthood.

Can you fathom how demented you have to be to block funding to prevent Zika just because it doesn’t fun your favorite abortion organization? Just think on that for a moment. The Democrats actually blocked funding for prevention of a terrible disease because they wanted to send more taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood.

The Democrat Party is the political arm of Planned Parenthood.