I love this.


There is a growing sense of outrage at NBC’s Today show – especially among the show’s many female staffers – about comments Billy Bush made on a hot mic with Donald Trump during a taping for a 2005 Access Hollywood segment. And many of them are wondering what management is going to do about it.

“It’s disgusting,” said one female staffer. “He was already unpopular,” said another, noting that Bush and his 9 a.m. co-anchor, Tamron Hall, have an icy relationship. Bush also has clashed on air with Al Roker over Bush’s handling of an interview with Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte during which Bush failed to challenge Lochte’s yarn about being held up at gunpoint in Rio.

It’s not that I have any hard feelings towards Bush. It’s just that I really do wonder if Billy Bush is in more trouble because he SALACIOUSLY OGLED WOMEN with Donald Trump or that he salaciously women WITH DONALD TRUMP?!!!

I’m betting the real problem is that he was getting along so famously with Donald Trump?

*subhead*The real problem.*subhead*