Donald Trump’s audio was just released yesterday and has become a major backbreaker for the campaign. And it’s causing many people to question whether they can support him.

That’s all fine. To me, it doesn’t change anything. Trump is exactly who I thought he was.

But the media’s lambasting and posing on the moral high ground over this seems a bit disingenuous to me. Look at who SNL has mocking Trump -Alec Baldwin.

You might remember a few years ago audio surfaced of the celebrity yelling at his daughter. It’s pretty awful and full of expletives. (I’m warning you now it’s bad.)

Now, if you ask me that audio is at least as offensive as Trump’s. Yet the media celebrates Baldwin and he takes part in the mocking of Trump. Because they don’t give a hoot about how Trump treats women because they don’t care about how Bill and Hillary treat women. What they do care about is that Trump is a Republican and Baldwin is a liberal.

Just something I thought about.

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