Feminists want you to respect them for their mind. So they take off their shirts?

Hey, you’d think topless women and rubber would go well together for these women but it turns out…not so much.

A bunch of wacko feminazis (redundancy alert?) took off their shirts, threw rocks and garbage at a Catholic cathedral, and screamed old tired slogans about rosaries and ovaries. Oh, and they wanted cannabis legalized too. You probably figured that last part but I figured I’d be thorough.

Crux Now:

A feminist rally demanding an end to gender violence in Argentina ended with some violence of its own, as demonstrators hurled stones and bottles at a 19th century Catholic cathedral, prompting police to fire rubber bullets into the crowd. Several marchers were arrested, while both police and journalists covering the event were injured.

The demonstration featured women with naked torsos demanding legal and free abortion, and the recognition of prostitution as a legitimate trade.

Protesters stormed the cathedral chanting, “Take your rosaries out of your ovaries,” “O let’s swear to burn down the Church” (paraphrasing Argentina’s national anthem), and “Church, trash, you’re the dictatorship.”

Thousands of women on Sunday closed an itinerant three-day workshop known as “National Women’s Congress,” this year held in Rosario, Argentina’s second largest city. Many of the participants marched topless, with anarchist symbols drawn over their bodies.
Similar slogans were sprayed along the 1.5-mile-long path of the rally, across window stalls, churches, the local tribunals and historic buildings.

Several stores were vandalized, with women throwing stones through their windows and writing things such as “castration for rapists,” “lesbianize yourself,” and “legalize cannabis.”

So they’re screaming about being lesbians. And abortion. Uhm, why do lesbians care about getting abortions? They do know they need a man to get pregnant, right?