And we’re the anti-science crowd?

Christian Post:

The Human Rights Campaign, America’s largest national lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer civil rights organization, has threatened to penalize Johns Hopkins University if it does not denounce a report from two of the institution’s scholars which concludes that there is little scientific evidence that people are born gay or transgender.

In the special report for The New Atlantis titled Sexuality and Gender: Findings from the Biological, Psychological, and Social Sciences, Dr. Lawrence S. Mayer, a scholar in residence at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Dr. Paul McHugh, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences also at John Hopkins School of Medicine conclude there is very little evidence supporting the “born that way” and other theories on sexual orientation.

“Some of the most widely held views about sexual orientation, such as the ‘born that way’ hypothesis, simply are not supported by science. The literature in this area does describe a small ensemble of biological differences between non-heterosexuals and heterosexuals, but those biological differences are not sufficient to predict sexual orientation, the ultimate test of any scientific finding,” the report said. “The strongest statement that science offers to explain sexual orientation is that some biological factors appear, to an unknown extent, to predispose some individuals to a non-heterosexual orientation.”

I have no idea what the heck these LGBT groups are thinking protesting this study. Here’s the thing, no major media outlet covered this story when the study came out. The LGBT groups have won. They’ve silenced all opposition in the media. But they themselves get covered. So why the heck are they bringing attention to this study with their protest when nobody even knew about it in the first place. The media may just cover the protest now and in effect tell people what the study says.

I understand that it’s head on a pike politics. They want to teach a lesson not just to Johns Hopkins but to all organizations that may want one day to publish a scientific study which questions whether homosexual inclinations are genetic. They want to scare them. Mind you, they also want to silence Johns Hopkins. All knees must bend to secular leftism. All. No exception.

Note: I’ll be honest, I’m linking to the Christian Post against my better judgement. While they’re very good, their website is awful. They have pop-ups and auto-play videos. It’s awful. And if you’re on there for a while like I sometimes am the stupid videos will start all over again. And sometimes I have a bunch of tabs open so then I’m searching through my tabs trying to turn off a stupid commercial. Sorry about the rant.

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