Look, I’m glad that the president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is making a statement about the emails which show that the Democrat Party is working to undermine the Catholic faith.

I really am glad. But they shouldn’t have bothered.

Remember how when Mitt Romney spoke you kinda’ walked away thinking you agreed with him but you weren’t moved at all and you certainly didn’t feel that whatever he was talking about was all that important – even though it was. But that’s what you get when you get statement by committee. And that’s what this statement is from USCCB President Archbishop Kurtz. It’s a statement that you can hardly get through without yawning. Seriously, do not operate heavy machinery after reading this. And while it’s about a very important issue, you’d never know if by reading this statement.

*The Archdiocese is sharing this statement on behalf of the
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops*

WASHINGTON—At this important time in our nation’s history, I encourage all of us to take a moment to reflect on one of the founding principles of our republic – the freedom of religion. It ensures the right of faith communities to preserve the integrity of their beliefs and proper self-governance. There have been recent reports that some may have sought to interfere in the internal life of the Church for short-term political gain. If true, this is troubling both for the well-being of faith communities and the good of our country.

In our faith and our Church, Christ has given us a precious gift. As Catholics, we hold onto our beliefs because they come to us from Jesus, not a consensus forged by contemporary norms. The Gospel is offered for all people for all times. It invites us to love our neighbor and live in peace with one another. For this reason, the truth of Christ is never outdated or inaccessible. The Gospel serves the common good, not political agendas.

I encourage my fellow Catholic brothers and sisters, and all people of good will, to be good stewards of the precious rights we have inherited as citizens of this country. We also expect public officials to respect the rights of people to live their faith without interference from the state. When faith communities lose this right, the very idea of what it means to be an American is lost.

Politicians, their staffs and volunteers should reflect our best aspirations as citizens. Too much of our current political discourse has demeaned women and marginalized people of faith. This must change. True to the best hopes of our founding fathers, we are confident that we can and will do better as a nation.

You see what I mean?

What the emails from John Podesta reveals is that the Democrat Party is seeking to subvert the faith. That is a darn serious thing. And this is the statement we get? The head of the Clinton campaign looks down on Catholics as “backwards” and this is what we get?

Come on.

John Adams once said, “Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion.” He was right. I don’t sense any dread from the USCCB’s statement.

I’m not looking for fire tongued oration here but a little passion would be nice. Heck, I’d even settle for a little clarity. If you didn’t know what was going on you’d never know what he was talking about. And look, the mainstream media has done nothing to inform people about this scandal. Archbishop Kurtz said “some” seek to interfere in the internal life of the Church? Some? Name names! Is this the kind of defense Catholics should expect? If so, we’re in even bigger trouble than I thought.

If you’d like to read a great response to the Podesta scandal, read Archbishop Chaput’s statement.