Some good news out there. Not only are the number of seminarians rising but donations are up, which means people are remembering how important vocations are.

This from the archdiocese:

Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary today announced that it raised $3.4 million in its 2015-16 Seminary Appeal.  This amount is the highest amount ever raised and surpasses the 2014-15 total by more than $300,000.  The appeal runs throughout the academic year from September to June every year and is conducted in parishes and through direct outreach to donors.  The 2016-17 appeal is already underway and will kick-off in parishes on November 5-6, 2016.

“I am overwhelmed by the success of this year’s appeal and give thanks to God for our very generous donors who continue to support the vital work of priestly formation,” said Bishop Timothy C. Senior, Rector of Saint Charles Seminary. “With a 13% increase in our enrollment and a 20% increase last year, Saint Charles is experiencing its most significant growth in recent memory.”

The Seminary will serve 160 seminarians, up from 142 at the end of last year.  This representatives an increase of 13% over last year. Of the 45 new seminarians, 18 are new seminarians studying for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

You see, I’m not all doom, gloom, and snark.

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