Look, I don’t typically care what teens think. I have three of them right now. All girls. I know, right? I very rarely ask their advice on anything. Not even directions. Well, to be honest I never ask anyone for directions. I always figure it’s around here somewhere.

But this is interesting because there’s a poll of teens (online so…all the typical caveats) which shows they overwhelmingly support Trump. But I’m not all that interested in their support for Trump per se. I’m interested that if this poll is accurate (and who knows but if it is) two things come to mind. One of meh interest and the other crucially important.

The first is the meh thing. High schoolers tend to mimic the opinions of their parents. Most kids love the teams their Dad loves. Most teens support the politics of their parents. Most, not all. But I’m wondering if a poll like this could indicate a silent support for Trump. But while parents are too embarrassed to admit support for Trump, kids don’t have that hangup.

Maybe. Like I said. Meh.

But the second thing is important, I think.

If this poll is accurate, something is happening to students’ minds from high school to the time they graduate college.

Because college students are typically looney lefties. They were all Bernied up this past year and come out using pronouns like xe. And now they’re overwhelmingly for Hillary.

The organization that created the poll called After School, the country’s largest teen-focused social network, suggested that it was because Trump was an “outsider” and “anti-establishment.” That doesn’t sound right to me. I think it’s probably more accurate to suggest it’s probably a pro-life thing. Young people are increasingly pro-life. I don’t think it’s a pro-Trump thing so much as it’s a pro-life thing.

But, like I said, something’s happening to America’s children from high school to college graduation day. We all know what it is, it’s college professors and administrators. And guess what, you’re paying for it.

I’m begging you to opt out of the system. Don’t pay for your children’s confusion on issues that matter. There are alternatives out there. All the faithful Catholic colleges deserve a look. And there’s many colleges out there, even if they’re not supportive of faith, they pretty much leave it alone. They just go about their business.

Schools like Georgetown and Fordham delight in destroying your child’s faith. And parents pay for the privilege of having their children turn on every ideal they’ve been taught up to an including ideas on family, gender, life, or even the nature of God.

It’s crazy that we’re offering our children to these lunatics and we’re going broke for the privilege of doing it. It’s suicidal! And there’s no need for it. So many parents see getting their kids into college as so important that they’ve forgotten their more important role in helping get their children to Heaven.

Look, there’s a few colleges out there with a “wow” factor. And if your kid graduates from there they have a leg up to start the race. But for the most part, what college you graduated from disappears quickly for the most part out in the real world.

This is why the country is going down the tubes. It’s because we keep offering our children to this mess in the hopes that they’ll get a higher salary. Creature comforts. Security. But security will be non-existent in this mess we’ve made of 21st century America. So it’s all for nothing anyway.

These professors and administrators hate you and they hate what you stand for. They delight in turning their children against you while cashing your checks. Opt out.

*subhead*Opt out.*subhead*