A Trump win has a massive impact on issues relating to abortion and religious freedom. Here are five immediate impacts:

(5) Supreme Court

Possible Headline: “Donald Trump wins, Merrick Garland updates his resume.” President Obama nominated pro-abortion Merrick Garland but Republicans refused to act on the nomination during election season. Now, President Donald Trump walks into the job holding a Supreme Court Justice nomination in his pocket. He’s already supplied a list of candidates for the spot which garnered him support among pro-lifers.
Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 83, Stephen G. Breyer is 78, respectively, and Justice Anthony M. Kennedy is 80. The chances of nominating more justices is likely. Abortion restrictions are quite likely to come before the court. With more conservatives on the court, there’s every chance that the high court will approve meaningful restrictions on abortion.

(4) Planned Parenthood

With a Republican House and Senate and a Republican in the presidency, pro-lifers have every reason to expect that Planned Parenthood will be defunded in short order. Yesterday, while voting was just getting underway, Planned Parenthood retweeted a tweet saying, “Terrified. Hopeful. But truly terrified.” There was good reason for Planned Parenthood to be terrified. President Obama has stood in the way of states defunding Planned Parenthood, threatening them with removing federal funds if they dared to pull funding from organizations which perform abortions. Now, the Republican party will be under heavy pressure to defund the abortion giant on the federal level. On on annual basis, Planned Parenthood receives approximately $500 million a year in taxpayer funds on average. That money gives them great political power as well as the ability to end the lives of the unborn. Shutting off the financial faucet to the abortion giant, essentially strips them of their political power.

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