Headline: Another Veteran Commits Suicide After Being Told To Wait For Treatment By VA

But don’t worry. Therapy Dogs were Brought In to Buoy The Spirits of Depressed Capitol Hill Staffers after suffering an electoral defeat. #priorities

This is the kind of thing that makes me crazy. It’s not that we have entire generations in which a majority has been raised on participation trophies and hubris. In fact, sometimes when I look at my kids I’ve thought that their road to success is gonna’ be so easy because they’re going to be up against weak minded spineless morons.

But it’s not true. Because the precious snowflakes so corrupt society that those seeking to change things and those seeking to fix problems are vilified.

When people actually need help and there’s something actually wrong that needs fixing the me-generations aren’t able to step up because they can’t see past themselves. They want to exist in their self-satisfied bubble. And they will attack anyone who wants to pop it. So many people today are so self assured of their own virtue just by belonging to the “caring elites” that they don’t feel that they actually have to do anything.

I used to think it was almost ok because they’re ill equipped to actually do anything to help anyone but themselves anyway. The problem is that when someone actually tries to do something about a problem, many of these people are so horrified at their attempt to drag them out of their self satisfied moral slumber that they attack those seeking to fix the problem.

What? There’s no problem with the VA because Obama’s in charge and he cares. So all is well. There’s no problem with the family in our country (the essential building block in our society) because we’ve made the definition of family to be so inclusive that there simply can’t be a problem. So they shut their ears to all the signs pointing to the fact that children in this society are struggling. It was recently reported that suicides among middle-schoolers was at an all-time high. But that little factoid got little traction because there’s no problem. There can’t be. Divorce is fine. Gay marriage is fine. Because it has to be. Reality be damned when it conflicts with their ideology. Much like the abortion-breast cancer link. There can’t be women getting cancer because of abortion because abortion is a good. So there isn’t.

You see, it’s not just that the snowflake generation is incapable of managing their own lives, they are actually an impediment to others trying to accomplish good.