Representative Susan Collins of Maine has announced that she will be voting against Betsy Devos as the Secretary of Education. Why? Because she’s helped children get out of public schools.

Now let me make clear that I know that Mrs. DeVos cares deeply about children. I recognize that she has devoted much time and resources to try and improve the education of at-risk children in cities whose public schools have failed them. And I commend her for that service.

Like all of us, Mrs. DeVos is the product of her experience. She appears to view education through the lens of her experience in promoting alternatives to public education in Detroit and other cities where she has no doubt done valuable work.

Nevertheless her concentration on charter schools and vouchers raises the question of whether or not she fully appreciates that the secretary of education’s primary focus must be on helping states and communities, parents, teachers, school board members and administrators strengthen our public schools.

Think about what she just said. She just said she understands that Mrs. Devos “cares deeply” about children but that the Education Secretary must put public school children first.

This is pretty shocking, isn’t it? What about equality? I guess Collins doesn’t believe in that. Nope. Public school kids first. Those icky Catholic school kids and those weird anti-social homeschooling nuts can fend for themselves, huh?

In no other sector does Susan Collins believe that private institutions are not under their purview, except education. No Child Left Behind has suddenly become Public school kids first.