This could be bad. Prayers.

The Sun:

PANIC IN PARIS Notre Dame ‘hammer attack’ – Paris cathedral in lockdown amid reports of shots being fired as police urge people to avoid the area
Tourists barricade themselves in famous landmark

SHOTS have reportedly been fired at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris sparking panic.

The French landmark is said to be on lockdown as witnesses have told of hearing explosions.
Parisian police have warned people to avoid the area.

Update: BBC says “Reports suggest a man attacked a police officer with a hammer and was later shot. France is in a state of emergency since attacks by jihadists in Paris left 130 people dead in 2015.”

Update2: Reportedly, a man attacked a police officer with a hammer at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and was shot. I’ve read several sources saying he was wounded.

Police seem to be standing around now, according to video I’ve seen from the scene so it would appear the threat may be over with. Pray that is so. I’m sure details from here on out will be sparse.

I’m pretty sure if the hammer guy is named Bob, police will be forthcoming with info. If his name is something like Mohamed, expect a long delay in information.