The Federalist does a good job of laying out the case that Democrats are attempting to steal this election. Never mind that Wisconsin has about 90 percent of registered voters voting, which is an unbelievable record. And when I say unbelievable I seriously mean I don’t believe it for a second.

The Federalist:

As of this writing, it appears that Democratic Party machines in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania are trying to steal the election.

As reporters and commentators went to bed early Tuesday morning, all three states were too close to call, but President Trump led former Vice President Joe Biden by comfortable margins—far beyond what had been predicted in the polls. None of the networks called these states because enough mail-in ballots remained uncounted that it could swing either way, but Trump’s position looked good.

Then, something strange happened in the dead of the night. In both Michigan and Wisconsin, vote dumps early Wednesday morning showed 100 percent of the votes going for Biden and zero percent—that’s zero, so not even one vote—for Trump.

In Michigan, Biden somehow got 138,339 votes and Trump got none, zero, in an overnight vote-dump.

When my Federalist colleague Sean Davis noted this, Twitter was quick to censor his tweet, even though all he had done was compare two sets of vote totals on the New York Times website. And he wasn’t the only one who noticed—although on Wednesday it appeared that anyone who noted the Biden vote dump in Michigan was getting censored by Twitter.

I don’t want to clip too much because you should check it out at The Federalist. I will say, keep praying and thank God that we have a fighter in Donald Trump. How many Republicans would’ve already conceded? Mitt Romney would’ve been running to microphones to concede so all the papers would call him “classy” and then he’d get invited to all the best parties.