There are dark days approaching. As a Catholic writer I’ve attempted to keep my readers inspired. My first book, “Faith Under Fire: Dramatic Stories of Christian Courage” took real life stories where regular Christians stood up for Christ. They sometimes risked their lives or their professions. These stories were all love stories that are intended to inspire.

My second book “American Antigone” is a work of Christian fiction. It too is meant to inspire. It is based on the old Greek play “Antigone” but it is set in the modern day and given a Christian perspective.

It was inspired by the work of so many pro-life advocates who risk so much in order to remind us all that human life is sacred. American Antigone is the story of a young woman who takes an amazing stand for life. The fallout from her bravery shakes the lives of all the other characters in the media, in politics, and the Church.

Please consider purchasing American Antigone. It’s received great reviews from numerous pro-life leaders and it’s at 4.9 stars out of 5 on Amazon. If you’re looking to be inspired, I believe this will do the job.

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