I’m a little confused as to why this woman was charged with a hate crime.

According to news reports, a 26-year-old woman has turned herself in on two charges related to some $10,000 in vandalism damage to Denver’s Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.

Both the cathedral building itself and nearby statues were “spray painted with numerous specific messages consistent with anti-Christian bias,” said District Attorney Beth McCann.

According to social media video posts, she says she was “baptized a Catholic but now identifies as a satanist and opposes Catholic stands against abortion.”

I love how the media has to point out that she’s a satanist who opposes Church teaching on abortion. Can’t we just take as a given that 99.9 percent of Satanists are pro-abortion? In fact, I’d like to talk to a pro-life Satanist. Wouldn’t it be weird to find out what was going on in their minds?

News photos of the vandalism showed slogans such as “Satan Lives Here.”

Wait a second. She’s a satanist who wrote “Satan Lives Here” on the Church. For her, wouldn’t that be…not a hate crime? Wouldn’t that be a benefit for her?

You know, Satanists are one thing but I’d at least like them to be consistent.

She also wrote, “White Supremacists,” and “Child Rapists, LOL”, as well as swastikas, in bright red spray paint on the outside of the cathedral building, sidewalks, and on the base of a statue of St. John Paul II.

Wait. Isn’t Satan for racism, child rape, and swastikas?

I know Satanists have put a lot of time into rituals and sacrifices but they really should focus just a little bit on what they believe just so they’re all on the same page.