This is supposed to be the “Summer of Rage,” right? Pro-abortion advocates have called upon the forces of darkness to sweep rage across the country in the name of being able to have consequence free sex with people they don’t particularly like…even if it means there’s a body count.

Artist rendition of summoning the “Summer of Rage.”

But there’s a problem. Their views are actually untenable, illogical, and horrifying upon closer examination.

Pro-lifers over the past 50 years have shaped their arguments, collected scientific data, and worked on changing hearts and minds on this all important issue.

Pro-aborts, on the other hand, have never had to defend their extreme views because the media protected them. Pro-lifers have had to work extra hard to bypass the slanted media to ensure that the face of the pro-life community is a welcoming one.

But pro-aborts have been allowed to be lazy these past 50 years. Pro-aborts don’t know how to handle actual questions about their views so they resort to either bumbling, refusing to answer hypotheticals, and just accusing you of hating women. That’s all they’ve got because all the science supports that life begins at conception.

They’re used to just saying that you can’t have an opinion unless you’re a woman but now they can’t even define what a woman is. They’re boxing themselves in. That’s what happens when you’re lying or illogical. You box yourself in so you talk in circles or just flat out refuse to answer questions.

Look here as a journalist from MRCTV seeks to ask questions of the half dozen protesters camped outside Amy Coney Barrett’s house. She attempts to question them but they all refuse. They can’t handle questions. They’re on the ropes. They can spread rage but not logic.

Keep the pressure up. Keep asking questions. But also keep smiling and remember we are the good guys. We love babies and mothers. They can’t even define what babies or mothers are.