Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a hero. She just signed the Arkansas Learns bill into law which sets children free from the grip of the teachers union.

The bill creates new “education freedom accounts,” that parents can use to enroll their children in private, parochial, or charter schools.

Hey, your child’s school went woke? That’s ok. Leave. Find a school that isn’t woke. Find a school that actually wants to teach your child rather than indoctrinate them.

School choice legislation passed the Republican-held Arkansas State Legislature on Tuesday afternoon and went to Gov. Sarah Sanders’ desk for her signature.

Fox News: Senate Bill 294, also known as “Arkansas LEARNS”, passed 26-8, marking the latest win for school choice. Arkansas is the latest of the Republican-led states to follow in the footsteps of Arizona, which became the first state to pass universal education scholarship accounts to all 1.1 million of their K-12 students in 2022.

“A HISTORIC WIN for parents, teachers, and students that will set the education model for the nation, I’m ready to sign it into law tomorrow and end the failed status quo,” Sanders tweeted. “Every kid will soon have access to a quality education and path to a good paying job and better life, right here in Arkansas.”

The Arkansas legislation will broaden school choice and includes a plan for the state to adopt universal choice by the 2025-2026 school year. The bill will gradually provide vouchers through “Education Freedom Accounts,” which equal 90% of funding allocated per student to each public school district in the previous year.

Some groups of students are eligible to receive the voucher for the 2023-2024 school year, including those who have disabilities; are homeless; have a parent who is active-duty in the military; attended an F-rated school in the previous school year; or are entering kindergarten for the first time.

“This isn’t an us vs. them, red vs. blue, teachers vs. the legislature,” Republican Sen. Breanne Davis said during the Senate session. “This is all of us working together and rooting for the success of our children.”

I read somewhere that Arkansas ranks 48th out of 50 states in education. That should change within a few years.

This is only the fifth state to enact legislation that allows state funds to follow students enabling parents to choose whatever school is the best fit for their children. Arizona was the first state to do so last year and since then West Virginia, Utah and Iowa have passed similar laws.

Catholic schools must present themselves as sane alternatives to this maddening woke culture. They must show they care ab out children and seek to educate them, rather than twist them into post-modern blue haired emos.

Catholic schools must stop twisting the words of Jesus to fit in with the New York Times editorial board.

Catholic schools must show that they believe life is sacred and that truth is objective. The secular world tells your children that life its a negotiable commodity and parrots Pilate’s question “What is Truth?” with their belief that reality is subject to your whims and moods.

Catholic schools must ask as islands of sanity in seas of madness. If we want to save this country and its ideals of freedom, educating our children to revere life and truth is our only hope.