Make no mistake. Our elites despise Christ and Christians.

But I think Christ might like this Arizona state senator.

Todd Starnes: Arizona State Sen. Anthony Kern warned a school district that banned student-teachers from a Christian university that they were ticking off Jesus.

The Washington Elementary School District voted unanimously to no longer use student-teachers from Arizona Christian University because of the school’s Christian beliefs.

Kern said the school board, which includes three LGBT activists, is targeting Christians with an ungodly agenda.

“They think they can get away with it,” Kern said during an interview on the Todd Starnes Radio Show. “The Bible says that God laughs at the wicked. And right now, He’s in full control.”

The left argues that it’s for tolerance and inclusivity and they will exclude anyone who’s not inclusive. Get it?

So, because of the position Arizona Christian University states, the school board, a government entity will discriminate against students who attended that university. Hmmm. I’m betting there some room in that logic for a nice fat lawsuit.

These people should be sued, as a school board, and personally.

This is not turn the cheek time. This is let’s hire a nasty lawyer time. These people are attempting to prevent the evangelization of God’s word. They are seeking to punish those who would promulgate the teachings of Christ. They’re trying to hide the light under a bushel. I say we take the bushel and shove it up their…well y’know.