Revenge is like a poison that can turn us into something ugly,” says Aunt May to Peter Parker in Spiderman 3.

There’s a whole lot of Christianity in the new installment of the superhero trilogy.

When Peter finds out who killed his uncle, he’s filled with anger. That’s when the black goo comes on and turns his famous red suit black which we’ve all seen in advertisements. At first Peter enjoys the hatred and the power but soon comes to realize that the evil is controlling him and he’s not acting like himself.

After acting in a destructive and rage filled way towards those he loves he decides he has to get rid of the black suit. So where does he go –to church. I almost dropped my popcorn. How did Hollywood allow this to happen? Shouldn’t Spidey have gone to a therapist, blame his mother, and declare that he has no prejudice against the color of any man’s super suit.

As Peter tears at the black goo which now controls him he kneels in the bell tower. In the high tower of the church as the bells clang loudly the black goo leaves him.

Finally, his only way to return to the good old Spidey we know and love is for him to forgive the man who killed his Uncle Ben.