An honors student in Arizona asked Higley High officials for an explanation after the word “God” was edited out of his biography in the school’s yearbook.

The text accompanying a photo of Anthony Sciubba, shown wearing his letter jacket and holding a Bible, said that he owed all of his success to others. But Sciubba said that he specifically credited God.

Sciubba, who earned a GPA of 4.6, later was told by Higley’s yearbook faculty adviser that God could not be printed because of concerns over separation of church and state. Sciubba said he met Wednesday with Higley’s vice principal and was told that the school would consult with lawyers on the matter.

So, I guess, we have to ask lawyers if we can mention God? That’ll work out well for us.

Sadly, the thing that shocks me most is how in the world do you get a 4.6 GPA?